My #1 Fave Ice Cream!!! Coconut Bliss

While living in California for a few months (a very vegan friendly place) … I decided I wanted some vegan ice cream. I went to my local Whole Foods and scanned the frozen section for my vegan selections. Something had caught my eye, it was mint chocolate ice cream and I have not had that in years and years (well since becoming vegan!) I scanned the ingredients and saw that it was in fact vegan. It all just seemed way to good to be true. I bought a pint and could not contain my excitement. I had to try it right away.

It was love at first… taste?! lol The best thing I had ever tasted. I could not believe that I could actually eat this amazing ice cream, I instantly got addicted. Until that is… I moved back to Toronto. I had to go back to my soy ice cream (will not share the brand name). it was not the same, I felt like I was ice cream deprived again. Then one day, while I was scanning the frozen section to see if by chance they had Coconut Bliss, I saw it. I actually saw it! I was soooooooo happy! Although we do not get all the same flavours offered in Canada as the U.S. has, I was ready to settle for any flavour! And I did, and I bought lots!

I felt like this ice cream (Coconut Bliss) that I was telling everyone about did not even exist until that very moment. Right then, I knew I could share something so tasty and amazing with anyone and everyone. I could actually say “Hey, they sell it at ___… it’s the best ice cream you will ever try!!!!” Even if you don’t like ice cream that much, this is truly something you have to try!!!!


Thank you Coconut Bliss, you are AMAZING!!!!!



Coconut Milk Creamer VS. Soy Creamer

So, I am all about substituting coconut for soy. I prefer coconut ice cream and yogurt to the regular soy products. When I came across a new product at my local organic/ vegan grocery store… I HAD to try it!!!

So Delicious – Hazelnut Coffee Cream (the one being tested)


Silk Soy Beverage – French Vanilla Coffee Cream (my regular go to coffee creamer)

With almost the same nutritional value and calories per serving, I was ready to make the change in my vegan coffee creamer… all I had to do was try the So Delicious brand.

The verdict, I was quite disappointed! Maybe it was the flavour I chose to try, maybe my expectations were much too high, but it had a bitter taste to it. It blended the same as the soy creamer, the thickness was pretty much the same, but i could not shake that bitter after taste.

Looks like I will sticking to my Silk Soy Creamer for a little bit longer!

BEBE: Faux Fur Style

BEBE has just released their new fall arrivals and I was quite pleased!

They do not have any real fur, but plenty of FAUX FUR! Hooray 🙂

See the pictures below, or go to

Lunch Time!

It is my fav time… LUNCH TIME!

I’m having a salad and mac & “cheese”

Salad: Mixed greens, tomatos, cucumbers, red onion, chickpeas, kidney beans, grated carrot, avacado and celery

Pasta: Mac & Chreese (

If anyone is there…I’m Here!

So … it is the first Tuesday of October and it is a wonderful day!

I was reading the daily “gossip news” the other day and saw this interview with Lauren Conrad where she was talking about her clothing line Paper Crown. She said

“You can find an alternative to leather or fur, so use it. I like that faux leather has more stretch, so we did a legging, which I love.” Lauren Conrad, People Magazine (

Unlike a lot of other fashion designers out there, she is making an effort and proving that real leather and fur is unecessary!

Way to go!