Coconut Milk Creamer VS. Soy Creamer

So, I am all about substituting coconut for soy. I prefer coconut ice cream and yogurt to the regular soy products. When I came across a new product at my local organic/ vegan grocery store… I HAD to try it!!!

So Delicious – Hazelnut Coffee Cream (the one being tested)


Silk Soy Beverage – French Vanilla Coffee Cream (my regular go to coffee creamer)

With almost the same nutritional value and calories per serving, I was ready to make the change in my vegan coffee creamer… all I had to do was try the So Delicious brand.

The verdict, I was quite disappointed! Maybe it was the flavour I chose to try, maybe my expectations were much too high, but it had a bitter taste to it. It blended the same as the soy creamer, the thickness was pretty much the same, but i could not shake that bitter after taste.

Looks like I will sticking to my Silk Soy Creamer for a little bit longer!


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